About Us

My name is Jay Artis and I am the owner, operator, and CEO of Artis Handcrafted. Growing up I was always fascinated with candles with how they smelled and how they burned. I have spent so much money purchasing candles from the major suppliers and one day I decided to give candle making a shot in 2017.

The first few batches I made did not turn out so well but with plenty of trial and error I figured out the formula and got it right. I started doing craft fairs and people were very receptive of the product. With the reception I received, I worked hard to perfect my craft and turned a hobby into a small business.

I am excited for you to experience what we have to offer with our soy wax candles, we aim to provide top notch quality customer service along with a quality product to match. Thank you for visiting Artis Handcrated!


- Jay