Why Artis Handcrafted?

At Artis Handcrafted, we hand-pour soy wax into candles made to envelope your home in luxurious aromas. Our soy blend candles contains a minuscule amount of paraffin wax used for smooth tops before and after candle burn as well as longer burning time. We only use natural cotton wicks and all candles are made in a smoke-free and pet-free environment. We have a variety of fragrances for your candle needs, whether you are looking for classic, traditional, or seasonal scents. Let our long lasting scents help make your house smell like a home.

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Spring is here and we are excited to share our new spring collection with you. We are bringing back some springs classics as well as some new fragrances that we are sure you will love. Our Spring candle collection is crafted to bring the vibrant and uplifting essence of springtime indoors. Embrace the renewal of nature and let these fragrances inspire moments of joy and relaxation.

  • Mickey D.

    Smells Amazing!
    I’ve been burning wax melts for a long time and have been underwhelmed by the artificial and not great smelling melts. These are absolutely incredible. I left the room for no more than 15 mins can back to a wonderful smell and without telling my partner she knew it was lemon and lavender and loved the scent, as an asthmatic I have to be careful with perfumes and some scents and these are absolutely amazing. Will be adding new scents to the rotation as well! Wonderful product!

  • Paula W.

    Satisfied Customer
    I love my classic man wax melts!! They smell amazing and even my husband loves them!!! I will definitely purchase them again.

  • Marcus M.

    Island Vibe Wax Melt: Awesome Scent. Brought this scent and two other on a whim and couldn't be happier. Strong but subtle. Strong enough that it covered a lingering scent of an accident that my dog had. Absolutely awesome product. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.

  • Latonya H.

    Fresh Scents!
    I haven't been disappointed in any of the scents I have purchased. This is a calming fragrance.