Fall Breeze

Fall Breeze

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Fall Breeze is a traditional fall fragrance with top notes of cinnamon and citrus with base notes of cedarwood and pecan.

Note Profile: Cinnamon, Cedar, Berry, Citrus, and Apple

8 oz Candles = 30+ hours burn time

13.5 oz Candles = 50+ hours burn time

*Note: Our 13.5 oz candle is a soy blend candle that has a very small percentage of paraffin wax used for smooth tops before and after candle burn and longer burn time. 


 Candle Care:

  • Let the melted wax reach near the edges on your first burn
  • Never burn your candle for longer than 3-4 hours at a time to prolong candle life
  • Trim your wick to 1/4" in between burns
  • Always monitor your candle near small children and pets
  • Always burn candles on a heat resistant surface. Never on wood or soft material surfaces
  • Be careful not to touch the candle after burning, it will remain hot for a while after burning
  • Keep loose material and dust away from a burning candle
  • Always keep a burning candle away from drafts, curtains, and other items that may catch fire
  • If the flame is dancing too much, blow it out, trim the wick, then re-light


* Please note due to the nature of soy wax candles, color variations may be present which will not affect the burn quality of the candle.